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Aluminium-Air Battery

Aluminium-Air Battery Is Being Tested On Indian Roads

While Aluminium-Air battery (Al-Air) technology was thought to be at nascent stages of development, Indians have managed to plonk


Indian Oil May Sell Hydrogen Facilities To Raise Rs.10000 Cr.

Indian Oil, the nation’s largest oil refiner and fossil fuel retailer is also India’s biggest hydrogen producer. However, it


IndianOil Is Working On First-Ever Project To Address All Aspects Of Hydrogen-Mobility

IndianOil, the country’s largest refiner and fuel retailer is inviting bids to procure 15 Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) fuel

Biomass Gasification

Innovative – Biomass Gasification Will Be Used By IOC To Develop Hydrogen

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), announced that it has signed a pact with Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore to

Indian EVs To Have Lithium Free, Aluminum-Air & Zinc-Air Batteries…

India has no lithium deposits that could be used to manufacture conventional lithium-ion battery cells. But as India is

India’s First Hydrogen-Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fuel Station

Indian Oil Corporation has commissioned India’s first Hydrogen-Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuel dispensing station at its research & development

Indian Oil Companies Are Pushing For Green Power At Retail Outlets

India’s state-run fuel retailers are persuading petrol pump owners to go green by setting up solar power units. Setting

Urban Waste : A Rs.5 Trillion Market At Initial Stages Of Recovery

Urban waste in India, as elsewhere, has the potential to operate as secondary resource material and generate a value

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