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Electreon- Charging EVs On-The-Go!

Electreon is a company that has come up with a charging solution that can charge an EV on-the-go. They


Intel Is Fortifying Its Tech Leadership For Years To Come…

Intel is trying to pull a few key (but large) pieces together in order to remain a tech leader


Atmospheric Humidity Powered Batteries!

Water vapor (humidity) in the atmosphere has the potential to become a viable source of renewable energy, according to


Clariter- Transforming Plastic Waste Into Sustainable Wax, Oil, Solvents

Clariter, an international company with a home base in Israel has figured out a new industrial process that transforms


IOC & Phinergy To Manufacture Aluminum-Air Batteries In India

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOC), the country’s top refiner and fuel marketer, has entered into a joint venture agreement

Converting Any Organic Household Waste Into Sustainable Bio-Based Materials

UBQ Materials, a Israel based company has discovered a revolutionary process that makes new, raw material out of all

SunFlare’s CIGS Solar Panels Are Being Used For Repurposing Landfill

A new installation at a retired landfill in Israel leverages SunFlare’s thin, lightweight solar panels to transform the otherwise

World’s First Battery-Free Bluetooth® Sticker Sensor Tag

Israel-based semiconductor company Wiliot demonstrated a first-of-its-kind Bluetooth chip at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) annual retail expo. The chip

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