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Virus Will Be Building Batteries…In Future

MIT bioengineering professor Angela Belcher has been working with millions of zombie viruses on a battery-building technology for a

A Device With No Moving Parts Can Create 220ºC And More…

Outside the temperature is below freezing but inside a device created by researchers at MIT, the temperature is 220º

35% More Efficient Silicon Solar Cells In The Offering…

A team of researchers at MIT and Princeton has demonstrated a way to get every high energy photon striking

Bitcoin Is Generating CO2 Comparable To Bengaluru’s Yearly Emission

Until November 2018, the annual electricity consumption by Bitcoin was estimated to be about 46 Terawatt-hour (TWh), revealed the study by

Don’t Ignore Plug-in Hybrid Trucks: MIT

Researchers at MIT have some advice for electric vehicle advocates — don’t ignore plug-in hybrid powertrains just because battery

Wi-Fi To Power Your Smartphones In Near Future

Right now, electromagnetic signals are probably bouncing around the room between your phone, laptop, and other internet-connected devices. For researchers looking

Germ Power: The Electricity-Producing Bacteria

Deep in mines, at the bottom of lakes, and even in your own gut, bacteria’s are hard at work

MIT’s “Sun In A Box”

Much of the world’s electricity is generated in real time — power plants fuel our homes when we need

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