NASA’s Own Electric Airplane Being Brought To Life

Electric aircraft technology testing at NASA’s Electric Aircraft Testbed began around 2016 when they received a modified Tecnam P2006T


Positive Side Of COVID-19: Air Pollution Levels Are Falling…

COVID-19 is having some unexpected effects on the planet: air pollution levels are falling as more people around the

Nothing Surprises Me Anymore ;o) “Making Meat From Thin Air”

These days I don’t find anything ‘Science Fiction’ as all of them are turning out to be a ‘Reality’.


NASA & Uber Are Partnering For Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management

Urban air transportation system models are popping up everywhere, from Boeing to Airbus. The NASA research from its Ames

Humans Are Going To Ruin Outer Space Too Unless…

Space explorations is the last true peaceful international collaboration on Earth. It requires an understanding that no one person,

World Is Not Enough : A Rocket That Never Runs Out Of Fuel

A rocket that never runs out of fuel is ready to revolutionize space exploration. It’s called the World Is

Fluoride Battery Breakthrough By Focusing On Negative

Fluoride batteries are capable of being 10 times more energy dense than lithium batteries. But until now, they needed

Global Warming : Arctic Lakes Releasing CO2 And Methane

In the past, when a carbon-based life form — such as an animal or plant — died in the

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