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Shell Is Looking To Push “Cleaner Fuel” In Indian Market

Royal Dutch Shell is mapping new routes to bring “cleaner” fossil fuels to India as global investors call for

InfluenceMap: Over $1 Billion Spent In Misleading Climate-Related Branding & Lobbying

The new report, published last week by independent UK-based non-profit InfluenceMap says that the globe’s five largest publicly-traded oil

How ‘Renewable Energy Status’ For Large Hydro Projects Will Benefit Them

India has 45.40 gigawatts of hydel power capacity, according to the Central Electricity Authority, contributing about 13 percent to

India’s Emission Targets Are In Line With The Paris Agreement

A stock-take report of G20 nations to “assess the collective progress” towards the agreed goals states that while none

India to Reduce Shipping Emissions by 2050

Zero emission from shipping by 2035 was the most ambitious proposal on the table at the International Maritime Organisation

Big win for India and developing countries in COP 23

The lost agenda in Climate Change negotiations at Twenty Third Conference of Parties (COP 23) on ambitious pre-2020 mitigation

Renewables and Energy Efficiency: a Dynamic Duo

At present, our atmosphere has 407 parts per million carbon dioxide (CO2). According to NASA, we’d have to go

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