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Plastics That Are Stopped Before Ocean

What are “ocean-bound plastics?” It initially triggers negative emotions — the emotions that we may get from mental images


Lucro – The Plastic Recycling Firm Receives Funding

Lucro Plastecycle Pvt Ltd., an Indian plastic recycling firm has received funding from Circulate Capital, the Singapore-based investment management


Fossil Launches Solar Watch

Renowned watchmaker Fossil has a new watch series called Fossil Solar, which is manufactured from materials that support environmental


Mutant Enzyme That Recycles Plastic Waste In 1 Hour

Carbios has created a mutant bacterial enzyme that breaks down plastic bottles for recycling in hours. This was originally


Recycling Of Wind Turbine Blades Is Possible & Commercially Viable

We know wind power is generated via massive fiberglass blades, each of which can be longer than a Boeing


Coke and Pepsi Are Knowingly Lying About Recycling

Coke, Pepsi and several other big plastic polluters are getting sued for lying about their products’ recyclability and clogging


Recycling Plants Are Catching Fire Due To Lithium Batteries

In December of 2016 a massive recycling plant in Texas caught fire and all the firefighters could do was

Going green

'Going Green'- But What Does This Mean?

Eco-friendly, organic, sustainability, going green, recycled and non-toxic—you have certainly come across these terms when reading about planet-friendly products,

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