Luminous: Delivering Future-Ready Sustainable & Energy-Efficient Products

Luminous Power Technologies, one of the leading home electrical, power storage and renewable energy company in the country, launched

See Beyond The “Green Halo” Of Solar Industry And Think Critically

Almost a third of the Earth’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the energy sector, so renewable energy sources like

Manganese Dioxide-Zinc Batteries: A Indian Answer To Lithium Batteries

High voltages in Li-ion batteries have allowed it to capture the electric vehicle, mobile electronics and grid-storage markets. Li-ion

Indian Renewable Energy Sector Is Moving From Bad To Worse

The renewable energy sector has seen a steep fall in interest from both developers and long-term investors. While the

India’s Renewable Energy Sector Is Losing Sunshine…

India was a pioneer in making renewable energy cheaper, thanks to capacity additions based on competitive bidding. Now, it’s falling

Coal Is Here To Stay In India’s Energy Mix For Some Time To Come

Since demand for energy in India is set to double over next decade caused by the rapid growth of

Fixed Charge Compensation System Announced For Renewable Energy Firms Too

India’s state-run electricity distribution companies will have to pay a fixed charge to renewable energy firms if they don’t

Mahindra Susten May Sell 160 MW Of Solar Assets

The Mahindra Group had appointed investment bank Avendus to seek buyers for Mahindra Susten, the renewable business arm of

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