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Indian Solar Market 2020 – First Quarter Update

The ‘key take away’ from the recently released India Solar Market Update report for the first quarter of 2020

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If Big Corporates See Value In Renewables, Why Aren’t We?

In 2019, IKEA invested $2.8 billion in renewable energy infrastructure. IKEA put 1 million solar panels on 370 0f


Budget 2020: Clear Direction On Solar Is Still Missing, As Coal Gets 48%…

Power and Renewable Energy sector is given a share of 22,000 crore in Budget 2020 by Finance Minister Nirmala


Solar Prices Will Continue Their Downward Trend In 2020 Too…

Once an expensive curiosity, solar is now cost competitive and set to go lower. It couldn’t come at a

A Big Challenge- India’s Energy Transition To Renewables

India’s electricity demand is projected to grow at 6 per cent per year between now and 2030, reaching about

See Beyond The “Green Halo” Of Solar Industry And Think Critically

Almost a third of the Earth’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the energy sector, so renewable energy sources like

Think Rationally: Coal Is Everywhere In Our Life

The pretty sailboat Greta Thunberg rode to New York City was made entirely from coal. From the amazing Nylon

Lightyear One: Light Years Ahead Of Its Competitors

Lightyear One, the first prototype electric car unveiled by Lightyear, has a claimed range of 450 miles or around

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