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TRIVAL: The First Unlimited Range Renewably Powered Ship

TRIVAL is the first generation of renewably powered ship that can travel around the globe without any need to

Climate Change: India’s Wind Power Generation Has Fallen By 13%

Increased warming in the Indian Ocean and the resultant weakening of the Indian summer monsoon may come in the

India Stands At The 4th Place In Global Wind Energy Capacity Ranking

According to a recent report by power-technology.com, India with 35 GW of installed wind capacity is fourth in the

Gujarat Is Losing The Status Of ‘Most Favored’ Wind Project Destination

Gujarat was favored for wind projects because it has many sites, especially in the Kutch area, where wind speeds

Rs 1.1 Lakh Cr. Is Likely To Flow Into Wind Energy Projects: CRISIL Report

According to research and ratings agency CRISIL, India is likely to witness fresh investments worth Rs 1.1 lakh crore

Google’s DeepMind Is Predicting Wind Energy Output

Over the past decade, wind farms have become an important source of carbon-free electricity as the cost of turbines

Wind Energy Sector In India Stands At Crossroads Today

Close to 33 years after India set up its first wind energy demonstration project of 1.15 MW in 1986

PTC Wind Energy Assets Sale Is Generating ‘Lot Of Interest’ Among Indian Wind Energy Developers

KPMG has been hired to manage the sale of PTC Energy’s 290 MW of wind power assets across Madhya

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