Bengaluru based Kristy’s Kitchen is using Eco-friendly food packaging

Kristy’s Kitchen, which operates in the Sarjapur, Marathahalli, HSR areas of Bengaluru was recently acquired by Cure.Fit under their Eat.Fit brand.

They import eco-friendly packaging from Europe, which is then modified to suit the higher temperature food  serving of India. They have even created specialised sauce cups to prevent spillage, and ensured that even the lining of the paper used for these cups did not contain plastic. Despite importing and using eco-friendly bagasse packaging, the costs are lower than using plastic. With the brand also looking to serve Indian food, which was not part of the menu in the erstwhile Kristy’s Kitchen it is now trying to figure out how to make a durable Indian thaali out of eco-friendly materials.

With the Eat.Fit launch under the Cure.Fit umbrella the effort is still on to give the option of eating responsibly, for their sake as well as that of the planet.