“Tomorrow you will…”

…get electricity from a balloon

Not just an “inflated” idea, a group of French designers have potentially found a way to supply green electricity to the most remote and disadvantaged populations of the globe with no more than a big white balloon. Able to capture solar energy, the photovoltaic balloon is easily deployable, self-contained and maintenance-free. Once in the air, Zéphyr works with both direct and indirect light, its shape eliminating any problem of orientation of the photovoltaic surface or shadow cast.

One balloon alone can cover the needs of about 50 people and replace the harming diesel generators used by the poorest populations of the world.

…drink out of a bottle that doesn’t harm the environment

The Veganbottle is the result of patented technologies in the field of processing sugar extraction from sugar cane. Biodegradable, compostable, and made without oil, the Veganbottle has no environmental toxicity and can either be industrially composted to become a renewable raw material or depolymerized at infinity to form a starting monomer (lactic acid). The latter can be reused to make new environmentally friendly packaging. We’re going to adopt it for sure.

…wear clothes made out of recycled coffee grounds

Where this is coffee, there are coffee grounds. Acknowledging this, Jason Chen and Amy Lai researched and put together a new fiber that uses recycled coffee grounds to create clothing. S.Cafe’s sustainable technology is already being used by North Face, Puma and Timberland, while coffee sellers like Starbucks and 7–11 are said to be some of the suppliers. If you’re worried that your clothes will smell like your morning brew, don’t worry, coffee grounds apparently have natural odor-masking properties.