Telangana is Exploring Solar with BESS

Beating all Indian states, Telangana has topped the country by achieving 3,250 MW solar power capacity.

Telangana is now planning to develop solar power storage with the help of battery energy storage system (BESS) 

Since, there is a mismatch between peak demand and electricity generation period for solar power, the state needs new technologies to store solar energy and utilize it at the time of increased demand.

Telangana gets peak demand in the morning when the solar energy generation is low. But by afternoon, solar plants are able to produce about 1,720 MW solar energy with the installed capacity of 3,250 MW.

State is currently studying various options including battery storage systems to utilize total solar power capacity. However, this would raise the solar electricity cost to the consumer to ₹10 per 2.5 kV.

Currently, coal-fired power plants compete with solar panels during off-peak periods with rates hovering around ₹1 to ₹1.50 per kwh. Solar panels operate at a nominal cost as no fuel cost is involved and maintenance cost is the only operational cost.

Battery storage will have some environment issues as they emit pollutants.