Jaguar Officially Introduces All-Electric I-PACE SUV

The long wait for Jaguar’s electric I-PACE SUV is now over.

The electric Jaguar I-PACE boasts 240 miles of range, a 0 to 60 mph time in under 5 seconds, an 80% charge from depleted in 40 minutes, which means a 15-minute break could give it an extra 62 miles.

With the perfect weight distribution of 50/50 split between the back and front of the vehicle, the battery packs power both the front and back electric motors, making it an all-wheel-drive vehicle. The I-PACE is fully connected and accessible through a mobile app that gives you all types of information, including its charge status. This electric SUV has a lot of cargo space also. Jaguar didn’t disappoint in this department, with a claimed interior volume of nearly 400 gallons.

As far as the road version of the I-PACE, it will come in three flavors, S, SE, and HSE. The differences are bigger wheels for the last two and more premium packages. Deliveries are expected to start around the second half of 2018.