Mynt Systems’ Cost Effective Net Zero Carbon Retrofit

Typically, Zero Net Carbon facilities are built from the ground up at costs that are not market competitive but Mynt Systems successfully optimized the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum to become a Net Zero facility. It was able to reduce the facilities energy usage to such a low level that enabled a conventional rooftop solar array to cost-effectively bring the facility to Net Zero Carbon.

Mynt Systems performed a detailed Efficient Energy Management Systems study which was able to find creative ways to repair the aging system of Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose, California and modify it to operate at far lower energy levels than any of the proposed complete replacement alternatives.

Mynt Systems recommended an advanced HVAC optimization & control solutions so that the facility uses only a fraction of the energy previously used.

Mynt Systems is able to engineer solutions with very high returns on investment (ROI) through a turnkey process. Most projects achieve a 50% return on investment through implementation of HVAC controls and LED lighting. Energy savings of 40% or more are typical and can be guaranteed at the utility meter.

The remaining electrical load will be offset by a 116 kilowatt (KW) rooftop solar system. The system consists of six arrays on two roofs. The system will produce 180,000 kilowatt-hours annually. The combined energy savings and production are equivalent to 481,318 pounds of carbon. That’s equivalent to 46 passenger cars driven for one year or the carbon sequestered by 257 acres of forest.

The system is remotely monitored by Mynt Systems using a cloud based monitoring platform so potential maintenance issues can be swiftly resolved.

Mynt Systems has become a one-stop shop for energy efficiency that takes all the guesswork and the footwork out of the equation and combines the assessment, engineering, design and implementation into one package that is easy to understand, financially appealing and ecologically responsible.