World is transforming towards Renewables

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The world is cruising towards non-renewable source of energy and heavy reliance on the fossil fuel might soon become a past.

Middle East being the most oil reliant region is taking the lead toward the growth in wind as well as solar power installation.

This piece of evidence (table below) shows the commitment of the countries towards climate change and clean energy.






The wind and solar tariffs across the world regions are now at par with the non-renewable energy tariffs. The electricity generated from renewable energy sources has various advantages in terms of costs related to transmission and distribution.

Solar Power Plants can be used as decentralised source of energy that saves a lot of capital and technically, it reduces the energy losses. Not only the energy losses, the financial implications and the area required decreases with this concept.

The electricity generated from solar and wind are of intermittent nature, as it depends on the availability of sun and wind, which makes them still less reliant with respect to oil, gas and coal. But as the storage battery tech is growing, this too may become a thing of past.

The world is looking at renewable energy for sustainable development with the hope to make world a better place to live in.

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