Using Bamboo Silk for Sustainable Fashion

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Fashion designer Madhu Jain recreated magic on the ramp by experimenting with bamboo silk ikat. For her collection, she combined Indonesian style of bamboo silk ikat and Thai ikat.

“This collection has been created by using several world ikat techniques. I have used Indonesian style of bamboo silk ikat and we moved on to Thai ikat and Thai inspiration to develop the textiles for Amazon India Fashion Week 2018.

Since the techniques used were new, the designer pointed out that it took her 15 years to create the collection. “It took me so long because I was in search of a right weaver. Though the technique combines Indonesian style of bamboo silk ikat and Thai ikat, the entire craftsmanship has been done in India. Finding someone in India was a difficult task,” she added.

I did the bamboo show in 2003 and Ruchi’s outfit (as seen in Pic.) was a finale sari that we used at the seventh World Bamboo Congress which was hosted by India. This sari is about 15 years old,” she said.

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