SOON…EV Charging At Indian Railway Stations

Indian Railways will set up charging stations at the parking lots of railways stations to help users charge their vehicles. According to media reports, this pilot project will be initiated in the capital city of New Delhi, which is expected to see a surge in electric vehicles soon.

Power distribution company BSES will set up DC charging stations at two railway stations in New Delhi. These charging stations will support 10 vehicles simultaneously and would be able to charge a vehicle in 40 minutes — compared to AC chargers which can take up to 6 hours.

The total investment on setting up the charging infrastructure is expected to be around $23,000. Indian Railways will provide infrastructure to BSES and may get to earn some revenue as well. BSES will charge vehicle owners around ¢8/kWh as charging tariff, as approved by the state regulator.

New Delhi is expected to see a surge in electric cars over the next few months as automakers start the delivery of nearly 10,000 sedans against the tender floated by Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL).