EV Battery Usage At Office Buildings

EV batteries might find second lives in other applications. A potential value-add is being explored by Hitachi Europe Ltd., Mitsubishi Motors and ENGIE, though this one is for batteries operating in EVs.

Technology might be used to send excess solar power from an office building to be stored in an EV battery which is connected to it. When electricity is needed by the building, it can be discharged from the EV battery, which acts as temporary energy storage. The pilot is being tried out at ENGIE’s Zaandam, Netherlands, office building.


The bi-directional VX2 charger is provided by Hitachi, along with technology that allows electricity to be shared between the EV and the building or grid. (The charger can also charge the EV.) The EV used in the system is an Outlander PHEV SUV provided by Mitsubishi. ENGIE provides the smart building set up to integrate the pieces, including solar or another renewable energy, into one system.

Synergies between various companies like the collaboration taking place in this project are intriguing and can yield new ideas and practices.