Meghalaya to adopt Alappuzha Waste Management Model

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In 2022, Meghalaya will host the National Games, and before that it wants to manage waste and make Meghalaya as waste-free, as early as possible. For this Meghalaya will take a leaf out of Alappuzha in far away God’s own country to manage its waste.

Kerala’s Alappuzha has a decentralised plan that enables every household to go green and treat domestic biodegradable waste in their own backyards.

Alappuzha Municipal Board established 5,000 kitchen bins, 3,000 biogas plants, 2,800 pipe composting units and 218 aerobic composting units in the municipal areas by way of which the town was able to take care of 80 per cent of its waste produced by a population of 1.74 lakh.

The Alappuzha model of waste management will be implemented it in Meghalaya municipal areas. On a pilot basis, the project will be started in Shillong and Tura soon.

The Alappuzha model has the distinction and recognition for its successful and sustainable management of solid waste under the United Nations Environment Program, as one of the best across the world.

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