Green Logistics : Flytrex Drone Delivery Solution

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Drone delivery service provider Flytrex aims to slash last mile delivery emissions with its fully-electric drone delivery service.

Flytrex Drone came into being because Mr.Yariv Bash (CEO and Co-founder) saw the potential for fully electric drones to be used in dense urban environments to deliver packages and food to customers at a lower cost than conventional vehicles while also taking a bite out of last-mile delivery pollution and traffic congestion.

Compared to their internal combustion counterparts, the drones are nearly silent, and as battery electric vehicles, generate zero emissions at the point of use, making them ideal solutions for lightweight, short distance deliveries.

The current generation of drones can carry anything up to 3kgs | 6.5lbs.

Stretching beyond the base solution, company sees a place for drones to be used for deliveries of critical medical supplies into regions where it would be dangerous for a human to go — like war zones or along dangerous supply routes where drones can easily fly out of range of danger.

Today, the solution is being run with just two drones, with plans underway to scale up to 6 drones, which will allow them to expand the solution to more locations in Iceland. They currently estimate a delivery time of just 4 minutes, compared to 25 minutes for traditional delivery solutions.

For the pilot, the drones fly 50 feet | 16 meters over the delivery location and lowers the cargo down to the ground with a cable, which eliminates the need to navigate the much more complex ground landscape while also keeping the high speed rotors safely overhead.

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