Cadenza Innovation’s Li-ion Supercell Technology

New York State has awarded Cadenza Innovation funding for a demonstration project featuring Li-ion supercell technology, a standalone system that includes a rack-mounted 200kWh, 50kW battery storage unit.

Cadenza Innovation’s recently patented multicore Li-ion battery cell structure, the supercell, serves as the cornerstone of its novel architecture and provides simplification in battery pack design. That, in turn, greatly reduces production and manufacturing costs, overcomes safety issues like the risk of fires- that plagued the Boeing Dreamliner, the Samsung Galaxy Note, and a couple of early Tesla Model S sedans , and improves the energy density of Li-ion batteries.

The world is moving beyond fossil fuels and traditional power plant infrastructures, with utility-scale batteries emerging as a core component for renewable electricity. The cost savings achieved by lithium-ion alone are undeniable. By combining that with technology and design that substantially improves safety and energy density, Cadenza hopes to  provide a first-to-market, scalable platform to address today’s energy concerns.

As per forecast the global storage market will double six times by 2030, with $103 billion in energy storage investment during that period.

The Cadenza Innovations project, which will be located at the New York Power Authority’s (NYPA) headquarters in White Plains, is expected to be completed by fall 2019. The company is renowned for its cylindrical jelly rolls, which are longer and wider jelly rolls compared to those in 18650 cells, and which lead to significant packaging advantages (higher Wh/L). They also result in the lowest cost and highest yield manufacturing process.