Dasher Electric Yacht : The Tesla Of The Seas

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Let’s say you are member of the 1% and need a motor yacht that will make all your wealthy friends jealous. But you also are socially aware and don’t want to spew diesel fumes or other carbon emissions.

What choices do you have in the marketplace today? One, actually — the Hinckley Dasher.

Hinckley is one of the oldest and most respected yacht builders in the world.It started from scratch, designing a boat that surrounds batteries and motors with the latest technology.

Hinckley builds the hull and its supporting structural members from carbon epoxy composites for high strength with low weight. Then it fits dual batteries sourced from the BMW i3 into waterproof chambers in the hull and adds twin 80 horsepower electric motors.

All metal trim pieces from the throttles to the chocks for the mooring lines are made of 3D printed titanium and the cockpit is trimmed in a lightweight composite hand painted to look like teak.

A sliding window rises up from the center console to protect the occupants from wind and salt spray. A fully electronic control panel keeps the skipper fully informed about range and state of charge while underway. Back at the dock, built in dual 50 kW chargers can restore the batteries to full power in about 4 hours. The 28′ 6″ yacht has a cruising range of 40 miles and a top speed of 27 miles per hour.

What is the difference between a yacht and a boat? Usually several extra zeroes in the purchase price, and the Hinckley Dasher is no exception.

At $500,000, it is not that expensive for 1%…;o)

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