LiFi May Replace WiFi In 10 Years

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LiFi is a high speed bi-directional networked and mobile communication of data using light. LiFi comprises of multiple light bulbs that form a wireless network, offering a substantially similar user experience to Wi-Fi except that it will be using the light spectrum.

Connected devices are going to increase to 20 Billion IoT devices by the year 2020. It is time to future proof our networks to enable the connectivity demands of tomorrow. With LiFi we can utilise spectrum more than 1000 times greater than the spectrum utilised for radio frequencies. LiFi is now unlocking unprecedented data and bandwidth.

LiFi is a category of Optical Wireless Communications (OWC). OWC includes infra-red and ultra-violet communications as well as visible light. However, LiFi is unique in that the same light energy used for illumination may also be used for communication.

LiFi allows for data to be transmitted by modulating the intensity of light, which is then received by a photo-sensitive detector. The light signal is then demodulated into electronic form. This modulation is performed in such a way that it is not perceptible to the human eye.

LiFi can work indoors, outdoors, with the lights dimmed and is not strictly line-of-sight technology. LiFi can achieve approximately 1000 times the data density of Wi-Fi offering more data per square metre. This is an important factor for wireless efficiency.

The best part is that this has already been deployed by a company named pureLiFi in 20 plus countries. As part of an initiative to solve problems in disaster response communications Verizon, Aegex and Nokia brought together technology partners from around the world to collaborate on solutions.

A partnership between pureLiFi and Ubi-tech has been established to provide training for the corporate telecommunications industry.

BT Defence is an established and innovative provider of ICT infrastructure and solutions to UK military, intelligence and security customers. BT teamed up with pureLiFi to deploy LiFi technology in their Adastral Park Facilities a few miles from Ipswich.

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