Hyderabad : Office Room From Recycled Plastic

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After making bus shelters, dining table, furniture and water tanks from discarded plastic, Prashant Lingam and his wife Aruna Kappagantula, are now going to make a room entirely from plastic waste in collaboration with Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC).

The motive behind building the office room in a sports complex, a place with multi-purpose facility, is to tell people that plastic, an item that takes upto 500 years to decompose, can be useful if recycled, says Prashant, founder of Bamboo House India that aims to curb down city’s waste via the 3Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle.

The office room will comprise the same elements as any other regular room i.e. roofs, walls, ceiling and tiles, except that the four elements will created from plastic waste. While the roofing sheets will made from 800 kilos of shredded plastic waste, tetra packs will be used as walling boards for the washroom.

4.5 lakh polythene bags will be used to make 13×13 floor tiles. Tiles made from 60,000 plastic carry bags will be used to construct the pavement leading to the office. The walling of the room will be done using bamboos.

Besides recycled plastic, other kinds of reused waste will also be seen in the complex. For instance, the furniture will be made from scraped materials likes tyres and drums. Fencing around the complex will be done using thousands of plastic bottles.

It will also tell people that if you cannot curb your plastic use, recycle it and save the environment.




Reference- BBC, NDTV

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