STAX Engineering : World’s Only Mobile Diesel Emissions Reduction System

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STAX Engineering, has created the world’s only mobile diesel emissions reduction system that removes nearly 100% of all NOx, SOx, PM and most CO2 from both ocean going vessel and land-based exhaust and the best part is, its affordable.

Bob Sharp, the brain behind STAX Engineering, designed a system that attaches to existing combustion sources and removes nearly 100% of the air pollution while also capturing carbon dioxide (CO2).

Where STAX shows much potential is that it uses an economically valuable approach that is highly mobile and removes nearly 100% of particulate matter (PM), NOx (nitrogen oxides), and SOx (sulfur oxides), while also capturing CO2 (carbon dioxide), which is the leading cause of global warming and thus catastrophic climate change.

STAX technology is the superior next-generation near-zero emission alternative to Shore Power and Tier 4 standby generators. One STAX unit connected to a ship at berth is equal to removing 27,000 cars from the road.

One STAX or TRUX system serves multiple emissions sources seamlessly and effectively. A single STAX Barge moves from ship to ship removing deadly pollutants while a TRUX system services multiple gensets on land quickly and efficiently.

STAX technology is protected by multiple patents (9 patents pending, and 20 additional patents planned) that significantly enhances an already proven technology.

“It leaves me scratching my head and asking why it isn’t used globally yet.”





Reference- STAX Engineering website, Cleantechnica

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