Kando Strategy Is Guiding Yamaha’s Electric Motorcycle Plans

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Many think of Yamaha as a motorcycle manufacturer however in reality it is much broader than that. Yamaha’s electric two-wheeler roots run deep and are likely more on target than legacy European and North American brands.

Yamaha’s product line had pedal-assist road bikes for years, it has electric mountain bikes, and it has sold a wide range of electric motor scooters including the Frog, Mest, Eccy, Passol, EC-02, Passol-L, Pocke, Seated Electric Scooter, and now the Evino. The company is working in the highest viability spaces for close to two decades now.

Yamaha Motor Company has been building motorized two-wheelers since 1955, when it was formed as an arms-length division of Yamaha Corporation. It now has 109 subsidiaries in the UAV, marine, mobility assistance, and other segments, selling the products of its 55,000 employees in most countries in the world. It’s been exploring electric two-wheelers longer than most companies, and its product line today is well-aligned with the current urban demographics.

This is a company with a long-running commitment to leading electrification in the two-wheel and other spaces. Yamaha will deliver a motorcycle when it can do so with a capability set and price that make sense, and it will do a very good job of it.

They have always been guided by their ‘Kando’ strategy -a Japanese word for the simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense excitement that we experience when we encounter something of exceptional value.







Reference- Cleantechnica, Yamaha website


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