Single Window Clearance Portal For Rooftop Solar Installations In Goa

The EU-India technical cooperation energy project in coordination with the Asian Development Bank technical assistance program will be launching a single window clearance portal for grid connected rooftop solar installations for the consumers in Goa.

Once launched, the platform will eliminate the need for consumers to coordinate with the two stakeholders — the electricity department and the Goa energy development agency (GEDA).

All they will have to do is log onto the portal and key in details like their address, email id and mobile number after which they will be contacted on email and SMS, and guided through the process.

This is expected to simplify the otherwise tedious procedure and reduce the level of communication between the consumer, the GEDA, the power department and even between various divisions within the department.

Instead of going from the circle office to the division office and then to the subdivision office, the application will directly reach the concern subdivision in-charge, who will either approve it or provide feedback on it, while the higher-ups will be able to monitor the process through the portal.

A list of empaneled installers will also be a click away for consumers on the portal. Other states should also take a lesson from Goa and simplify the solar adoption process if government wants to achieve the residential rooftop solar target.






Reference- TOI, Mercom India