Hyundai To Bring “World’s Largest Battery System” Online In South Korea

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At present, the largest system in the world is the 100 MW energy storage system that Tesla installed in South Australia to tame the country’s rampant blackouts and high energy prices.

Hyundai’s Electric & Energy Systems is all set to claim that place now as it plans to bring the ‘world’s largest’ energy storage system online, a new 150 megawatt (MW) system, in Ulsan, South Korea.

The new 150 MW system will go live in 3 months time and it represents just how lucrative crashing lithium-ion battery prices are making stationary energy storage systems in new markets around the world.

At the heart of Ulsan is the world’s largest automotive factory in Hyundai’s Ulsan plant, making it a fitting home for the transitory title of the world’s largest stationary energy storage system.

The new energy installation in Ulsan has the potential to set the course for an industry and for a country as they seek to reorient their export ships towards a renewable future which has been brought to a grinding halt due to worldwide Chinese expansion.








Reference- Cleantechnica

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