An All-Electric Excavator With A 3.4 Ton Battery Pack

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Personal vehicles aren’t the only kind going electric — we’ve already reported on all-electric planes, garbage trucks, and even cargo ships.

We can now add one more type of vehicle to the list: Construction equipment companies Caterpillar and Pon Equipment have teamed up to create a 26-ton all-electric excavator — and the massive digger might be the first of many to hit the construction site.

The prototype of the excavator is nearly indistinguishable from any other 26-ton excavator — other than the fact that it’s much quieter.

When you look under the hood, though, the differences become apparent.

The all-electric excavator includes a 300 kWh battery pack, which is about three times the capacity of the largest Tesla model. In total, the batteries weigh 3.4 tons and can keep the excavator in operation for between five and seven hours before it needs to recharge.

Caterpillar and Pon Equipment created the all-electric excavator for construction company Veidekke, which expects to receive eight of the vehicles by the end of the month.

Norway could cut its annual emissions by the equivalent of 60,000 cars if it replaced all 2,500 of its comparable excavators with electric versions, so imagine the impact if all the world’s nations transitioned to electric construction equipment.

Reference- Futurism, Tek website

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