Stop Climate Change: Time For Trees

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Clean air. Clean water. A livable climate. We no longer have the luxury to take any of this for granted. All are at risk.

A simple yet a very powerful solution to rebalance our planet and thus preserve our planet for our children is TREES.

Trees are nature’s original life preserver. They’re a simple solution for a global environment increasingly at risk. Without the great cleansings of the atmosphere that trees provide, without the great purifications of our soil, rivers and aquifers that trees make possible, without trees, life on earth wouldn’t exist.

Sadly, at the very time we need them most, trees are under assault. Due to deforestation – we continue to lose more than 18 million acres of forest around the world every year. That’s roughly equivalent to 27 soccer fields every minute.

We cannot take trees for granted. Trees are not a “nice to have,” they’re a “must have.” As a nation, as a world – as people who need a survivable future – we must plant more trees now.

Trees are one thing we can all agree on. Trees are loved by all.

In a contentious and fractured world, they are completely non-political. Only trees can cross the technology divide, the political divide, the equality divide, and the culture divide.

If ever there was a time to plant trees, now is that time .

The Arbor Day Foundation has put itself on the front lines, launching Time for Trees™, a new initiative to plant 100 million trees in forests and communities and mobilize five million tree planters around the world by 2022.

Reference- Arbor Day foundation website, Futurism

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