Elonroad EV Charging System Is All Set For Trial Run

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The company Elonroad was established to promote the idea of charging electric cars while they drive.

Now 8 years later, after much research by the University of Lund and funding from the Swedish government, the city of Lund, Sweden, is about to begin installing the first kilometer of Elonroad track along a heavily used bus route to recharge electric buses as they drive.

The rail system itself is easy to install. Since it rests on top of the pavement, no asphalt or concrete needs to be dug up.

If a car drives on one kilometer on the electric road, it can drive another two kilometers on the energy it charged from the road. So it makes a total of three kilometers of driving. But one only has to pay for one kilometer of installation.

All that is needed is adding a contacter device to the underside of any electric vehicle to charge while driving. The advantages of the system are many.

Assuming the Elonroad system is widely available, EVs could charge as they drive, which means they wouldn’t need such large batteries as they do today. Researchers at Lund University estimate the Elonroad systems could permit electric cars to use 80% smaller batteries.

Smaller batteries = less expensive cars = more EVs on the road = less carbon pollution going into the atmosphere. It’s a win-win situation.

However we still have a long way to go before the Elonroad system becomes as common as lane markings on the highways and byways of the world.

Reference- Clean Technica, Elonroad website

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