BOS: A Crucial Part Of Solar Plants, Is Often Neglected

Balance of systems, or as commonly known as BOS, is a crucial part of any solar power plant. BOS is collective name for – Bi-directional meter, Solar cables, DC Luminary, Junction and Distribution boxes.

For a long time these have been the target of every EPC when it comes to cutting corners to save costs as BOS consists of almost 36% of the total project cost.

For every project the requirement is unique especially when we talk about Junction and Distribution boxes and that makes them all the more important as there can be various combinations for any given Junction or Distribution box, while solar cables and net meters are standard, the only criteria being the size of cable required and state where project is being set up as state policy will decide the configuration of Net meters.

A correct combination of junction and distribution ensures that solar plant is running at the maximum level and there is no or negligible loss of power at any given point of time, it also ensures that plant is safe from any surges at all times.

In the past solar industry suffered heavily mainly due to lack of expertise and cost cutting mentality, however, in recent years with government intervention, increase in awareness and growing experience has led to development of better technologies and work ethics; focus is now more on longevity of the project rather than just finishing the project on time.

HPL Electric & Power with its long experience in Electrical Equipment offers best in class range of BOS, made as per industry standards, compliant with MNRE regulations.

With our wide range of offering we are probably the largest solution providers for BOS under one roof starting from Solar cables, Junction Boxes, Distribution Boxes, LT panels, DC Luminaries and Bi-Directional meter.

For the AC side too we have a good range of switchgears and multicore cables for almost any application.

HPL is proud contributor to “Make in India” program of government.

A ‘Clean-Future Exclusive’ contributed by Sunil K. Singh,Head-Solar Business, HPL Electric & Power Limited