Extra Benefit And Benefits Of Owning An EV

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Carbon monoxide is generated when fuel is burned in vehicles, and equipment like furnaces, grills, and lanterns. Because we can’t smell or see it, CO can build up in vehicles, living spaces, and garages without our knowledge.

This gas is both colorless and odorless so victims may not even be aware of its presence.

Another point, which some people might be aware of, is that when a vehicle is stuck in snow, running the engine could cause CO to enter the vehicle and kill the passengers. This scenario can occur if the tailpipe is blocked .

So what does all this have to do with electric vehicles (EV)?

They don’t burn any gas so they can’t produce CO emissions. No EV drivers or passengers will ever die from this type of poisoning. Nor will they suffer long-term brain damage from CO exposure.

This is the EXTRA benefit of owning an EV.

Few people appear to be aware of the true benefits of migrating to EVs.

Most of the transitions to electric vehicles happen due to a concern for protecting the environment.

The other top reasons are —

  • financial savings
  • the fun and/or convenience of instant torque
  • the smooth & quiet drive.
  • convenience of home charging
  • and low maintenance

Of course, electric cars are much cleaner and more environmentally beneficial than their gasoline- and diesel-powered ancestors, but misinformation on this topic like concerns about charging time, they are too expensive, lack of charging stations etc.

Reference- Clean Technica

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