Senvion Completes Installation Of First 2.3M130 Turbine In Gujarat

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Senvion has successfully completed the first installation of the new 2.3M130 turbine in Gujarat, India. With a rotor diameter of 130 metres, it is one of the largest turbines ever installed in India.

Its installed capacity of 2.3 MW will provide electricity to over 1,500 Indian households.

The 2.XM platform combines robust, reliable and proven technologies with latest innovations in turbine and wind farm control technologies to maximize power generation at low wind sites.

The Senvion 2.3M130 is the first turbine variant of a fully modular platform that can be customized throughout India and global markets to deliver business case certainty associated with lowest Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) to customers.

The Senvion 2.3M130 complements the range of other new turbines that have been installed recently and are now in operation, namely the 4.2M118, 4.2M140 and 3.7M144.

All the turbine variants are built on modular platforms which include the latest control technologies developed by Senvion, enabling maximized power output at lowest cost.

In addition, two of these turbines are embedded with soft-soft tubular steel tower technology which allows higher hub heights at much lower weight resulting in significant cost savings and better LCoE.

Reference- Senvion PR

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