Trina Solar Uses “Optimiser Technology” To Tackle Harsh Conditions in India

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Foursun Solar – the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company – who worked together with Trina Solar to develop the solar system for India’s Rolex Rings Pvt. Ltd. (Rolex Rings), an automotive parts manufacturer.

Rolex Rings wanted a more reliable, cost effective and environmentally sustainable source of energy. It had never  adopted solar previously, because of its factory location in Rajkot city; an area of Gujarat known to be dusty.

Foursun Solar overcame the issue by connecting Trina Solar’s Tallmax TSM-PE14A modules to a power optimiser.

This innovative 675kW rooftop solar array has started generating power by using power optimiser technology, allowing each solar module to perform at its fullest whether or not other modules are impaired by shade or dust.

This is unlike traditional string inverter systems, where modules can only perform as well as the lowest performing module.

A total of 2,079 modules were installed across 6,500sqm of factory roof space. The panels generate energy savings of about US$110,000 a year, and carbon savings of about 474 tons a year, equivalent to the carbon footprint of 237 people in India. 

Reference- Trina Solar PR

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