Cross-Border Solar Power Trading: A Novel Way To Enhance International Cooperation

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In the interest of promoting the use of solar power across the world, the International Solar Alliance (ISA) has proposed an agreement to facilitate trading of solar power across borders.

Some of the options that ISA proposes are co-development of solar power projects and inter-country solar power supply or trading.

ISA proposes that private and public sector companies in member countries be allowed to buy or sell solar power and that requisite regulations be put in place to facilitate these transactions.

The member countries should also work together in development of inter-connectors or transmission lines to facilitate such transactions.

Countries like Chile, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Egypt, and India have substantial operational solar power capacity. These countries have a number of neighboring countries that can either co-develop solar power projects or directly buy solar power.

Already, Bangladesh is reported to be looking to purchase solar power from neighbor India. Countries like Myanmar and Sri Lanka, too, can benefit from the large-scale projects operational or planned in various parts of India.

Chile, which has a huge renewable energy generation potential, has faced transmission woes in the past to fully utilize its solar power assets and can export this power to neighboring countries.

Clearly as far as co-development and exchange of solar power is concerned, there exists ample opportunities in the world for countries to partner with each other to ensure proliferation of solar power.

Reference- Clean Technica, ISA PR

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