A Solar Power Plant With 540 MWh Battery Storage In Nevada

NV Energy, part of the Warren Buffet intergalactic empire, and 8minute Solar, the largest solar developer in the US along with Moapa Band of Paiute Native Americans are be building a new solar power plant in Nevada and fortifying it with 540 MWh of battery storage.

The Southern Bighorn Solar & Storage Center will include a 475 MW DC (300 MW AC) solar array with 540 MWh of lithium-ion battery storage.

The power from the plant will be fully dispatchable; which means it can provide power throughout the day and during evening peak energy hours.

Southern Bighorn will deliver clean power at an average price (including time of delivery adjustments) of about $35 per MWh, which is below the cost of fossil fuel-based generation plus incorporating a 540MWh Li-Ion battery system is truly industry leading.

This will be built on non-agricultural land using environmentally sensitive construction near a retired coal plant. More than 600 workers will be employed during the construction phase.

Subject to final approval, construction of the new facility will begin in mid-2022 and be operational by the end of 2023.

Reference- Clean Technica