H55: Opening A New Era Of Urban Air Mobility

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A company going by the short name of H55, has successfully flown its maiden flight in a new electric two-seat airplane.

Using an electric propulsion system manufactured by BRM Aero, the Bristell Energic airplane is perfect for pilot training and flight schools.

The H55 opens a new era of urban air mobility (UAM). The Bristell Energic is based on an entire propulsion chain that H55 expects to get CS 23 certified (that’s aerobatic and commuter airplane certification).

According to H55, the electric 2-seat aircraft is a perfect flight trainer airplane and has also received thumbs up from local airport resident associations and aviation authorities favoring its quiet operation.

The Bristell Energic is a clean, quiet, cost-efficient, and safe aviation solution. With a flight endurance of about 1.5 hours, that leaves 45 to 60 minutes of cruising, ample for typical flight training programs.

Electric air transport will deeply transform and improve urban mobility. Electric propulsion has enabled the world of drones, it will do the same for aviation.

H55 will continue to build up big data essential for the development of VTOLs and flying taxis.

BRM Aero is stepping into the new trainer market looking to maximize the benefits of electric propulsion in the emerging civil aviation markets of China and India, where they will be providing a flight trainer electric airplane, which is clean, quiet and affordable to operate.

Reference- Clean Technica, H55 PR

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