Bosch: Battery In The Cloud Service

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Bosch is flexing its mastery of electronics with a new cloud-based solution that will allow EV owners to manage and maintain their EV batteries at higher performance.

The core of the solution is built around smart algorithms that assess the state of the battery in realtime and compare them to conditions known to stress the battery.

These assessments are used to optimize the recharging of the battery pack in realtime to maximize charging speed while minimizing long term damage of the battery pack.

Bosch believes its new Battery in the Cloud service can extend the service life of a battery by as much as 20%.

It does this on the recharging side of the equation by using this data in realtime to optimize every single charging session.

To accomplish this, the solution actively controls the power and voltage levels throughout each charging session.

On the consumption side, the system can offer drivers custom-tailored tips on how to conserve battery power through the integrated dash display.

Bosch accomplishes this feat by first sending battery data into the cloud — like ambient temperature and charging session information — which is then analyzed by machine-learning algorithms.

Using this data, Bosch is able to provide the most realistic look at the current health of the battery as well as a reliable forecast of the battery’s remaining life expectancy.

Having a finger on the pulse of the vital signs for a battery pack also lets Bosch identify how battery packs or cells are performing. This functionality not only minimizes downtime, but it can also catch failures before they pass the point of no return. 

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