e-Commerce Companies Are Actively Reducing Their Carbon Footprint

With sustainability and reduced carbon footprint being centre stage globally, e-commerce companies in India are doubling down on their initiatives.

Walmart-owned Flipkart recently announced plans to introduce electric vehicles (EVs) nationwide for its last-mile delivery network in a phased manner.

The aim is to replace 40 per cent of its existing last mile delivery vans with EVs by March 2020 and deploy 160 e-vans across cities by the end of this year.

Flipkart has already deployed eight EVs in Hyderabad, 10 in New Delhi and 30 e-bikes in Bangalore.

Amazon also recently expanded its India first initiative of Packaging Free Shipment to nine Indian cities, aiming to reduce waste generated from secondary packaging of customer orders.

The larger vision is to make Amazon shipments net zero carbon (50 per cent by 2030).

It is also investing in installing solar panels in fulfillment centres with a goal to power its infrastructure using 100 per cent renewable energy.

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