Trina’s N-type Solar Technology Delivers 24.58% Efficiency

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Trina Solar, a market leader in the technology, recently achieved a new world record of 24.58% efficiency using an n-type monocrystalline i-TOPCon solar cell. 

This technology is found in the company’s latest 425W n-type bifacial module, the TSM-NEG15MC.20(II). The new module brings together the best of Trina Solar’s technology to provide strong and reliable returns on investment for utility-scale users, especially those with greater space constraints.

N-type solar cells are less prone to metallic impurities and other defects, such as boron-oxygen defects. The cells are more immune to light induced degradation (LID) and have superior performance at higher temperatures.

They allows for better ‘bi-faciality’. With Trina Solar’s recent world record, the cell used achieved more than 80% ‘bi-faciality’, meaning that the back side of the cell could add additional generation of over 80% of what was on the front side of the cell.

This is much higher than with more traditional p-type technology.

The record-breaking cell was fabricated on a large-sized 244.62 cm2 wafer with a low-cost industrial process of advanced Industrial Tunnel Oxide Passivated Contact (i-TOPCon).

N-type also promises greater and more reliable efficiency in the long run, as well as longer power warranties.  It comes with a 30-year power warranty.  

Reference- Trina Solar PR

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