Luminous: Delivering Future-Ready Sustainable & Energy-Efficient Products

Luminous Power Technologies, one of the leading home electrical, power storage and renewable energy company in the country, launched an array of technologically advanced solar inverters at the Renewable Energy India Expo 2019 yesterday.

They launched On Grid Inverter (Microinverter), Hybrid Inverter (Hybrid TX Series) and Off Grid Inverter (Solarverter).

Today, Luminous is proud to have the widest range of solar solutions in its product portfolio. The overall solar business has contributed close to 350cr to the overall Luminous revenue.

They expect this years revenue to be close to 500cr.

The company also introduces a single app ‘Connect by Luminousthat enables consumer to track and monitor their Luminous solar products installed at home. Based on cloud technology, the app will help consumers to monitor data such as solar power generation through solar panels, trends, power cuts etc. The app is available for android and IOS users, both.

Luminous, plans to become India’s leading provider of future-ready sustainable and energy-efficient products. As the demand for renewable and clean energy grows, Luminous plans to provide smart solutions to every consumer at the most cost-effective prices, complemented by excellent customer service.

This is a “Luminous Power Technologies”PR; edited by Clean-Future Team