The Economizer- A Solution For Electric Public Transportation Needs

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Electric power systems have excellent operating parameters, are quiet and highly efficient, and make it possible to recover energy while braking. 

Current solutions make it possible to cover about 250 km (about 155 miles) per charge, which is often insufficient for public transportation needs. There are two solutions which are being developed in parallel:

  • A solution aimed at boosting the capacity of traction batteries.
  • A solution oriented towards rapid charging via a pantograph.

The Economizer is a solution that uses statistical analysis and Big Data technology to precisely define which driving behaviors help to reduce the general level of electric power consumption in vehicles.

It takes into account acceleration, braking action and traveling at a constant speed.

This provides the basis for a system which gives points for good driving style or alerts the driver to any inappropriate driving behaviours. It enables the driver to learn good practices and consolidate his/her practical skills while driving.

This tool enables real-time monitoring of the driver’s performance as well as displaying and analyzing historical scores with a view to secure improvement for the future.

The data also shows that, when monitored, overall wear and tear on vehicles operated in urban spaces using the Economizer can be reduced by up to 30%.

The system is composed of two modules, a web-based application and a mobile application.

Reference- Clean Technica

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