Porsche Taycan 4S: Affordably Priced To Take On Tesla

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Porsche has just announced a new Taycan variant named the “Taycan 4S.”

This variant a bit more affordable and perhaps aims to give a tougher time to Tesla Model S sales now that Porsche Taycan production is in full swing at the company’s purpose-built Zuffenhausen factory.

Porsche Taycan 4S is launching with 2 battery pack options. The standard Taycan 4S has a 79.2 kWh battery pack, and then there’s the 93.4 kWh battery size option.

The Taycan 4S with the smaller battery size ( “Performance Battery” ) has an estimated range of 407 km (252 miles), while the larger battery pack (Performance Plus) delivers 463 km (287 miles) of range.

Note that these range numbers are based on the European  WLTP standard, which is famous for being overly optimistic — which means the range numbers will be much lower when tested by EPA.

The Taycan 4S has a smaller battery pack and a smaller rear motor when compared to the Turbo and Turbo S.  

The price is expected to be around $100,000 to counter the Tesla Model S Performance (formerly called the P100D), which is available for just under $100,000.

Reference- Clean Technica, Porsche Taycan 4S PR

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