Why Do Tesla Batteries Degrade Only 10% Even After 2.5 lac Kilometers?

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Tesla is nice to the batteries. The battery system is a well engineered system and it shows. The car will remind the driver, and in some conditions, limit the user’s choices to be nice to the battery.

  • Tesla recommends, and reminds owners, to stay in the 20–80% range of the battery for most driving. If you leave the car charging 100% for a few days, the car will remind you to reset the charge limit.
  • With the big batteries in Tesla cars, it’s pretty easy to stay in that charge zone and have enough range for daily driving.
  • Close temperature control of the battery. The batteries have liquid cooling and heating. When charging, the car’s fans and air conditioning will run to keep the battery cool, as needed.
  • The car limits charging and acceleration when the battery is very cold or nearly empty. That reduces potential damage to the battery.

If you are nice to your battery, your battery will be nice to you.

Reference- Quora, Tesla Battery Tech, Inside EVs

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