Renogy’s Phoenix 100 Mini Power Stations At You Fingers Tap

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Renogy’s Phoenix 100 Mini Power Stations takes the power banks you probably use for your phone already and amps it up with tons of cool features.

Built with 21700 lithium-ion cells, this little guy is just a tad larger than a coffee cup, but still manages to pack in 27,000 mAh of storage capacity.

That power is on tap first and foremost through the built-in AC outlet that can push power out to devices requiring up to 100 watts. That’s probably not enough to power your fridge during a power outage, but it is likely enough to power a CPAP machine, a breast milk pump, or a router.

At just $160, that is a noteworthy accomplishment that delivers disproportionate value during a power outage. It can also push out power from a standard USB port and a USB-C port, which is a nice feature.

On the input side, this little puppy isn’t just a one trick pony, pushing out power and then keeling over during an outage.

It can also be recharged during an outage with any solar panels that push power out through USB, including many of Renogy’s panels.

Renogy is pushing out to help ease the pains of the transition until homeowners and utilities define new solutions in a world where annual wildfires, storms are becoming a the sad reality due to climate change.

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