Its Official – We are Experiencing A Global Climate Emergency

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A statement on climate change, published in Journal BioScience, which is endorsed by more than 11,000 scientists spread over 153 nations states, “The climate crisis has arrived and is accelerating faster than most scientists expected. It is more severe than anticipated, threatening natural ecosystems and the fate of humanity.”

The above statement is backed by decades’ worth of hard data and scientific analysis on climate trends to support the authors’ claims.

To stop the worst consequences of the climate crisis, the authors say we will need to reverse these trends and leave all remaining fossil fuels in the ground.

Instead, we should pursue renewable and carbon-capture technology, switch to more plant-based foods, and provide family-planning services to all people, especially girls and young women.

Wealthier countries will inevitably lead the way on these changes, the authors admit, but if the whole world is truly serious about a zero-carbon future, it’s imperative that we also support poorer nations.

As society reigns in our own emissions, we must, at the same time, act quickly to stop and reverse habitat and biodiversity loss, allowing forests and other natural habitats to thrive and store carbon.

With these ‘natural solutions’ alone, the authors calculate we can meet a third of our Paris emission ambitions.

It also includes a slew of concrete actions humanity could take to address climate change, from replacing fossil fuels with renewables to reducing meat consumption.

Reference- Science Alert, Futurism, BioSecience Journal

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