Reduce Transport Emission – Switch To Sustainable Transport

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Transport emissions — which primarily involve road, rail, air and marine transportation — account for over 24% of global CO2 emissions in 2016.

At a time when global emissions need to be going down, transport emissions are on the rise, with improvements in vehicle efficiency more than offset by greater overall volume of travel.

In terms of transport modes, 72% of global transport emissions come from road vehicles, which accounted for 80% of the rise in emissions from 1970-2010.

Emissions have also increased in other transport modes, such as international aviation, domestic aviation and international and coastal shipping.

The main exception is railways; powered by a significant share of electricity, rail emissions have actually declined.

Fewer miles driven means fewer emissions.

Follow these tips to reduce the time you spend driving:

  1. Walk or bike when you can.  
  2. Use the bike-share programs if your city or town has them.
  3. Take public transit when possible.
  4. Carpool with friends instead of driving alone.
  5. Use ride-sharing services.
  6. Plan ahead to make the most of your trips and “trip chain.” If your grocery store is near other places you need to visit, do it all at once.
  7. Work from home periodically if your job allows it.

Reference- Clean Technica, EPA website

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