After 100% Renewable Electricity, Burlington Wants To Become A Net Zero Energy City

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Burlington was the first US city to be powered by 100% renewable electricity, but its leaders want to do more.

The city has committed to becoming a Net Zero Energy City by 2030. This means that along with electricity, citywide heating and transportation must all be carbon neutral.

As most other Ready for 100 cities are committed to reaching the same goal by 2050, Burlington must make quick work of a total energy overhaul.

Burlington has done more than make an ambitious goal. In September 2019, the city’s electric department released a roadmap on how to get there. According to Mayor Miro Weinberger, the city has already done 20% of the work toward its goal. Moving forward, their strategy is “electrifying everything.”

Electrifying the city’s energy use will require rapid adoption of new technologies like heat pumps. Burlington Electric is offering incentives to help customers, especially low- and moderate-income customers, switch to heat pumps.

With an ultimate goal of Net Zero Energy by 2030, Burlington has little time to spare. Increasing energy efficiency and reducing city-wide energy use is a necessary first step to reaching the goal.

They have rolled out a variety of incentives that are aimed at really making sure that these technologies are not only available to households that can go out and buy the latest Teslas. 

“Burlington experience clearly shows that the technology to becoming net zero cities already exists. All that is needed, is the political will to make it happen.”

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