Hyundai: Educating Consumers To Buy Electric Vehicles

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According to a survey conducted for Hyundai by OnePoll, which interviewed 2,000 drivers of gasoline, diesel, and alternatively powered cars in UK the top 10 reasons that keep people from buying an electric vehicle are:-

  1. Range anxiety
  2. Where to charge
  3. Electric cars are too expensive
  4. Electric cars are too sluggish
  5. You can’t drive an electric car in thunderstorm or through a car wash
  6. There aren’t enough electric car models on the market
  7. EV batteries wind up in landfills
  8. Electric cars aren’t safe
  9. Roadside assistance can’t help with electric cars
  10. Electric cars don’t have enough performance

Based on the results Hyundai tried to address each one of the 10 reasons and thus educate future prospects so they no longer worry about range etc, which in turn would have a bigger positive effect on EV sales than increasing the size of batteries.

Hyundai seems committed to that sort of educational outreach while other companies want to sit on the sidelines, wringing their hands and wailing, “Nobody wants to buy electric cars.”

Reference- Clean Technica, Hyundai Survey

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